Bynav has been honored with two major awards at WGDC:The Annual Most Innovative Enterprise and The Most Innovative Product of the Year

by Bynav

On May 17th, the 12th edition of WGDC 2023 commenced in Beijing. Bynav was awarded the title of 'Annual Top 100 Most Innovative Enterprise,' and the M2 series high-precision positioning/combined navigation modules were recognized as the '2023 Annual Top 30 Most Innovative Products.



On May 18th, a themed summit on 'High-Precision Positioning and Autonomous Driving Innovation' was convened. Bynav's CEO, Mr. Xiang Wei, delivered a keynote presentation at the summit, alongside other attending dignitaries. The discussion primarily centered around innovative applications and the future prospects of high-precision positioning, while also delving into the optimal strategies for autonomous driving.



During the summit, the 'White Paper on High-Precision Positioning Technology and Applications (2023),' edited by the TaiBo Think Tank, was officially unveiled, with Mr. Xiang Wei, in attendance at the launch ceremony.


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