Bynav to release X2 automotive-grade GNSS/INS positioning unit for autonomous driving

by bynav

Bynav Technology announced an upcoming release of the X2 automotive-grade GNSS/INS positioning unit this year, aims to provide mass-production positioning solution for automotive manufacturers and autonomous driving integrators.

Measuring 79x63mm, X2 is a credit-card-sized rugged housing with Automotive Ethernet Interface, supporting GPTP (precision time protocol), as well as L-band signal reception, PPP/PPP-RTK mode and the seamless switch of RTK/PPP mode in areas with poor N-RTK service coverage and overseas users, capable to provide high-precision positioning results through satellite-based enhanced signals even in the environment where there is no mobile signal, no base station needed.


Based on the deeply coupled GNSS/INS technology architecture, X2 can output the absolute centimeter-level position above 200Hz to be used in urban canyons, tunnels, foliage canopy, severe weather like heavy fog, rain, snow, and dust, as well as harsh environments like traffic jams, neon lights, worn lane lines and open road sections with no feature points. It can also integrate with odometers to further improve the accuracy and stability of the GNSS/INS position.

Xiang Wei, the CEO of Bynav Technology, commented that since X2 is mainly aimed at mass-production customers, the price of a single unit will drop significantly. The official slogan of X2 writes: "Offer GNSS/INS performance at RTK price".


Moreover, Bynav Technology has been IATF16949 certified since 2020 and has been undergoing ISO26262, ASPICE, and AECQ certification. In 2021 bynav made a huge investment to build a fully automated production line, the production capacity can reach 200,000 sets/year, and can quickly expand to 3 million sets/year in 3 months. Currently bynav is cooperating with various well-known automotive manufacturers and autonomous driving companies for mass production vehicle model development, which forms a positive cycle of ramp-up and cost reduction.


The X2 automotive-grade positioning unit will be available soon in the second half of 2021.


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