Bynav Exhibits at the 2023 World UAV Conference

by Bynav

On June 2, 2023, the 7th World UAV Conference and the 8th China International UAV Exhibition opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.



High-precision positioning stands as a critical sensor for unmanned drones and systems. Bynav  presented its latest generation of GNSS/INS combined navigation modules (P-MODULE), combined navigation positioning units (P-BOX), and inertial measurement units (IMU-BOX) at the exhibition. These products are engineered to offer stable and precise high-precision positioning and navigation for unmanned drones and systems, even in complex environments.



Among the showcased innovations was the M2 series high-precision positioning module, featuring Bynav's latest high-precision positioning chip, Alice. This module supports Bynav's REAL high-performance RTK positioning algorithm, SAIF high-performance composite interference suppression engine, single-module L-BAND PPP, and CLAS. It can also integrate IMU and Bynav's DIST tightly coupled combined navigation algorithm. With an LGA package and dimensions of just 17x22mm (about the size of "two fingernails"), it can be seamlessly integrated into various unmanned systems, including drones and unmanned ships.


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