ADI and Bynav cooperate to launch an IMU-enhanced GNSS high-precision board to accelerate the commercialization for autonomous driving system

by bynav

Joint Release


The world's leading high-performance analog technology company ADI and the professional GNSS high-precision positioning receiver manufacturer Bynav Technology (bynav) announced their strategic cooperation, in which Bynav deeply coupled the GNSS high-precision positioning receiver with ADI’s miniaturized MEMS inertial measurement unit (IMU), and launched a compact-size GNSS/INS board A1 for the autonomous driving industry. It can provide reliable centimeter-level position and 3D attitude information for the unmanned system.



The A1 GNSS/INS receiver, measuring 46×71mm and weighing 25g, is highly integrated with an industrial-grade IMU (gyro 2.7deg/hr) and embedded with deeply coupled GNSS+INS algorithm engine as well as tilt measurement algorithm, enabling it to provide stable high precision position and 3D attitude in harsh environments like urban canyons, elevated road, foliage canopy, tunnels, underground parking lots, and signal interference. (Download the test report and raw data here


According to the "GNSS Market Report" released by GSA (European Global Navigation Satellite System Agency) in October 2019, the vehicle navigation market has reached approximately 40 million units globally. As autonomous driving technology matures, it is expected that in the next few years, the market demand for high-precision GNSS/INS system for vehicles will reach millions of sets. The A1 GNSS/INS board can effectively reduce the high precision navigation cost and accelerate the commercialization of automated driving systems.


Zhao Yanhui, the MEMS product line director of ADI Asia Pacific, commented: "Autonomous driving is the next explosive point for MEMS inertial devices. Bynav's GNSS high-precision positioning chip complements ADI's IMU, which can accelerate the massive application of high-precision positioning in autonomous driving application."


Bin Zheng, CTO of Bynav, commented: "The IMU-enhanced GNSS RTK board based on deep coupling GNSS+INS technology has broken through the limitations of RTK technology in urban in-vehicle applications. Bynav is willing to work with ADI to provide higher performance and better cost for autonomous driving and other high-precision applications."


About ADI

Analog Devices, Inc. is the world's leading high-performance analog technology company dedicated to solving the most difficult engineering design challenges. With outstanding performance in detection, measurement, power supply, connection and interpretation technologies, building an intelligent bridge that connects the real world and the digital world, thereby helping customers re-understand the world around them. For details, please visit the ADI official website:


About Bynav

Hunan Bynav Technology Co., Ltd. , a leading supplier of GNSS high precision receivers in Chinese driver testing market, is committed to providing reliable high-precision positioning in harsh environments. With signal processing, RTK and deep coupling algorithms as the core technology, Bynav has developed a series of products such as GNSS ASICs, GNSS receivers and GNSS/INS receiver, which is widely used in surveying and mapping, driver testing, UAVs, precision agriculture, robotics and other fields. For more details, please visit bynav official website:

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