High-precision positioning for driver testing at Mount Everest--"the highest peak in the world"

by bynav


Shigatse, the second largest city in Tibet, is known as "the most pleasant and beautiful manor" located in the southwestern border of China. It is also where the "the highest peak in the world"-Mount Everest is located.

On May 11st, the first ever intelligent motor vehicle driver test in Shigatse City was successfully completed at the "Everest Urban Investment Financial Information Motor Vehicle Driver Testing Center", constructed and transformed by Duolun Technology as the only full-vehicle and full-process intelligent motor vehicle driver testing center in Shigatse, has been officially put into use!


"Everest Urban Investment Financial Information Motor Vehicle Driver Testing Center"


As the main high-precision positioning service provider partner of Duolun Technology, bynav has also deeply participated in the intelligent transformation project of the driver testing center, providing high-precision positioning services.


The staff was conducting the final test and debugging before the exam


The Everest Urban Investment Financial Information Motor Vehicle Driver Testing Center is located in Sangzhuzi District, Shigatse City, covering an area of about 110 acres. Previously, it only had the ability to test subject two manually, with low test efficiency.



The driver testing center reconstruction project applied the technology based on satellite differential positioning to evaluate-by installing high-precision positioning equipment in the test car, establishing the test car profile model and tire model, and identifying the graphical relationship between the car and the test project geometric model to determine whether the test car passed the exam or not.

Take reversing parking exam as an example. When the test car contour model and the location line model intersect, it will be judged as unqualification.



The stable centimeter-level high-precision positioning provided by bynav satisfies the high-precision requirements of the test evaluation system for test car positioning and ranging.



Shigatse City has an average altitude of more than 4000 meters. The higher the altitude, the lower the air density and pressure, and the higher the requirements for the heat dissipation and electrical performance of the receiver. The bynav high-precision positioning products are well adapted to the high-altitude scene environment. The driver testing center project was successfully put into use, marking that bynav high-precision positioning products can provide stable performance in high altitude areas.


Audio and video examination monitoring center


With the transformed scientific and standardized automated test evaluation system, the intelligence and test efficiency have been greatly improved, which brings an intelligent, technological and standardized driver testing experience as well as more fair, just and open driver tests to the local Tibetan people!


Image source: Duolun Technology

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