Bynav participated in SPOGA+GAFA Exhibition in Germany

by Bynav

On June 18, 2023, in Germany, the spoga+gafa 2023 outdoor and gardening exhibition opened at the Cologne International Exhibition Center. Bynav showcased products including the high-precision positioning solution for intelligent lawnmowers and high-precision positioning modules at Booth D-043 in Hall 5.1.


During the exhibition, Bynav demonstrated high-precision positioning solution for intelligent lawnmower robots, which is based on GNSS+IMU+VISION positioning technology. We also showcased a prototype of an intelligent lawnmower robot developed using this solution.



Accurate positioning in complex environments has always been a challenge for intelligent lawnmower robot manufacturers, and this is where Bynav excels. Bynav's high-precision positioning solution, developed using self-developed chips and deep-coupled combined navigation algorithms, enables intelligent lawnmower robots to achieve stable, continuous, and reliable high-precision positioning even in environments with obstructions such as buildings, trees, shrubs, and outdoor equipment.



Bynav's intelligent lawnmower high-precision positioning solution integrates advanced positioning technologies, including satellite navigation, inertial navigation, and visual fusion positioning. It is built on the Bynav high-precision positioning chip known as Alice, and incorporates powerful features such as the Bynav REAL high-performance RTK positioning algorithm, DIST deep-coupled combined navigation algorithm, and SAIF high-performance composite interference suppression engine. The solution's high level of integration allows for easy integration into various intelligent lawnmower robot systems.

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